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Our little puppy "Kitkat" was let out of our yard. When I went out to get her, she was gone. That night, I received a phone call from "Steve" who said he lived on my block. He said "This may sound really strange, but I think I know who has your dog." and told me that he met a former co-worker at a garage sale earlier that day and he saw him put my dog into his car.

That night, Mark was insistent that I speak to the police about this. They told me to go to the Airdrie RCMP and fill out a report there as well. When we got the RCMP detachment, we were told that there was an officer driving up who would meet with us. As soon as we walked back to the car, the officer drove up.....with Kitkat in the back seat!!!!

Constable Raes said that he received a name from Steve. He looked up the name, got the man's address, went to his house and looked in the window. When he saw Kitkat playing in the living room, he rang the doorbell. The man denied having a dog, but after the officer told him he saw the dog, Kitkat was brought out. The officer took Kitkat to a local vet and had her scanned - the PETIDCO/AVID microchip we had implanted 10 days ago between her shoulder blades verified that she was, indeed, Kitkat.

Marie Milone

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