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Our Shelter/Municipal Program includes:

Microchip Scanners
We currently provide a wide variety of scanners which are capable of reading all microchips.

We provide microchips that are readable by all universal brands of shelter scanners in North America. Our special pricing for Shelters, Municipalities and SPCA's provides AVID microchips, lifetime registration on our PETtrac database, brochures or flyers and traceable stainless steel collar tags for an all-inclusive price.

Electronic Registration
We have two options available to shelters for electronic registration:
1) If you have a shelter management program, such as Chameleon, we can merge it with our electronic registration to provide single data entry.

2) If you have internet access and a web browser such as chrome or internet explorer, you can sign up at for online access to our database. Any registrations done through online access are in real time and can be viewed and printed immediately. Please note that we require a hard copy of the registration either mailed or faxed to us as a back up.

If electronic registration is not possible for your facility, we provide three-part registration forms at no cost that can be faxed and mailed to AVID Canada for posting on the database.


* Our PETtrac pet microchip lookup database is one of the largest national microchip lookup databases in Canada, holding over one million registered animals.
* We offer both a 24-hour operator assisted and online microchip lookup service.
* Our microchips are readable by all universal AVID, Petnet (Destron, Digital Angel) & Identifier scanners in North America.
* We have no annual fee or service fees.
* We offer online registration.
* We accept non-microchipped pets on our database, using a tattoo, license or rabies tag.
* Our database is secure & private. It is used for microchip lookup purposes only. We do not sell or share our database with any other company.
* Our PETtrac (microchiplookup) database is protected in the unlikely event we ever go out of business.

Call us for current pricing on microchips and readers at: 1 800 338 1397

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